• Monthly Car Washes!
    Go Monthly!
    Wash your car for less
    than $1 per day...really!

    When you become a "GO Monthly" Wash Club
    Member, you can enjoy the benefits of
    washing your car every day!

    • Wash your car every day!
    • No long-term contracts or commitments!
    • Cancel anytime!
  • Free Triple Play!
    Featuring brand new Triple
    Play Finishing Stations
    Free with every wash!

    Checkered Flag Express Car Wash Car Wash is your
    one stop shop for a clean car, Inside & Out!

    • FREE Vacuums
    • FREE Windshield Cleaning Solution
    • FREE Air Gun Blower
  • Eco-Friendly!
    Responsible Stewards
    of Our Community

    Checkered Flag Express Car Wash proudly participates
    in the ICA's WaterSavers Program

    • Using less than 40 gallons of water per car
    • All returning water used is treated
    • All spray nozzels are calibrated for maximum water efficiency
    • Backflow prevention devices installedon the potable water supply

Checkered Flag Express "GO Monthly" Wash Plans
Wash your car for less than $1 per day!